Logical Channel pada GSM

Logical Channel

Broadcast Channel (BCH)

  • FCCH (Frequency Correction Channel) → Memberitahukan frekuensi dari BCCH
  • SCH (sync Channel) → Sinkronisasi time slot
  • BCCH (Broadcast Control Channel) → Untuk informasi CGI (MSS, MNC, CI, LAC) dan informasi tambahan lainnya.

Common Control Channel (CCCH)

  • PCH (Paging Channel) → Memberitahu pada MS bila ada panggilan → Downlink
  • RACH (Random Access Channel) → Meminta resource pada BSS (request SDCCH) → Uplink
  • AGCH (Access Granted Channel) → Jawaban BTS atas request akses SDCCH/ Utilization permission → Downlink

Dedicated Control Channel (DCCH)

  • SDCCH (Stand alone Dedicated Channel) → Call set up signaling (negotiation), SMS, location update, etc.
  • SACCH /TCH (Slow Associate Control Channel) → MS Power, TA, Power control, SMS (busy).
  • FACCH /TCH (Fast Associate Control Channel) → Handover, MS Shutdown.


Proses ketika MS ON :

  1. FCCH → req BCCH → menyamakan Frequency
  2. SCH → Sync Time Slot
  3. BCCH
  4. SDCCH → Location Update

Proses melakukan panggilan :

  1. RACH → Request SDCCH
  2. AGCH → Izin akses dari BTS
  3. SDCCH → Dapat dilakukan panggilan

Proses menerima panggilan :

  1. PCH
  2. RACH
  3. AGCH
  4. SDCCH
  5. TCH

Proses memutuskan panggilan :



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