GSM System Architecture

Arsitektur Sistem GSM

■ MS (Mobile Station)

  • Mobile Equipment > Handset (HP)


  • Subscriber Identity Module (SIM Card)


→ MS-ISDN > contoh : 0812… 0856…

→ Ki > Enkripsi/ authentikasi (Security)

■ BSS (Base Station System)

  • BTS (Base Transceiver Station)

→ Provide radio channel

  • BSC (Base Station Controller)

→ Radio resource management

→ Transcoder

■ NSS (Network Switching Subsystem)

  • MSC (Mobile Switching Center)

→ Circuit switching

  • HLR (Home Location Register)

→ Subcriber data > menyimpan database pelanggan

→ Subcriber data info

  • VLR (Visitor Loacation Register)

Menyimpan data nomor yang aktif di daerahnya

→ MSRN (Mobile Station Roaming Number)

→ TMSI ( Temporary Mobile Subcriber Identification)

→ LAC (Location Area Code)

→ Subscriber data related to supplementary service

  • AUC (Authenticate Center)

→ Authenticate subcriber access

→ Menyimpan Ki dari MS

  • EIR (Equipment Identity Register)

→ Identify terminal equipment

→ Menyimpan nomor IMEI MS

→ Dapat digunakan untuk blok nomor IMEI pelanggan namun hanya per-operator

  • IN (Inteliigent Network)

→ Server konten-konten

■ OMS (Operation & Maintenance Management)

→ Provide MMI to control and monitor system


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  1. engr medo samuel Says:

    pls send OMS manual. from nigeria.

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